Love and Pain

Sunday was a rough day for me. I was in at church at 5:30 that morning after going to bed at 2:30am. I was there for church until 1:00pm, then I left to take a youth home, went back to the building to get ready for our volunteer meeting, went back to pick up that youth at 3, and was there until almost 8pm with all the volunteer meeting stuff. At the end of the day, all I wanted to do was relax. Play a video game with my best friend and not think.

God had other plans.

For the sake of a long story, and for the protection of those involved, I won’t say anything other than I didn’t get to relax. But that night got me thinking about pain. You see, I didn’t want to talk about anything heavy, but this person had so much pain going on in their life.

When I first got the text, I didn’t want to deal with it, but God said “answer the text.” and that lead to me talking to someone else, and when that person began to tell me what was going on in their life, I no longer felt like I didn’t want to do this. I was suddenly full of energy and desire to talk and deal with what was going on.

What causes a change like this? What would take all the weariness, and frustration away, and replace it with compassion, and energy? The only thing I can think of is LOVE. You see, this second person I talked to is someone who I love. They are like a sibling to me. So when this person began to talk about stuff, I couldn’t help but want to be there, and nothing would have kept me away, come hell or high water.

Love makes us do some crazy things.

I would have sat all night with this person, not slept a wink, if it was what this person needed. Because I love them. Nothing else I know can make someone do that.


And what a beautiful thing it is.


This is just the first post of 2, click here to read part 2, where we talk more about this pain thing…

2 comments on “Love and Pain

  1. Taking on another’s burden is never easy but what a beautiful privilege it is. Keep up the good work, Joel. You’ll reap far greater benefits than you know.

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