All Good Things…

For those of you who know me, you know that I work with Amplify Youth Group, and in the revolution (our student leadership program) we are going through a book called “83 Lost Sheep” (it’s a phenomenal book, click the title for more info) In chapter 2, Gerry talks about how sometimes you need to quit the things that are not in your gifting. Now there is a time and a place to do what you have to do, even if you aren’t gifted in it, but after a while, you need to give up on things that are not your gifting.

This is news for many of you, and some of you already know this. I have officially left my job at the Y in Kennett. Lifeguarding is not a passion of mine, or really a gift. My priorities are not with that job, so it is time for me to move on. It was a great time, and while I won’t miss getting up at 4am, I will miss the people I worked with, the relationships I’ve built, and the friends I made. It was a good run.

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