If you read my blog on Friday, then you know the story about Thursday morning. If you already read it, skip to after the dotted line. If you haven’t read it, here’s the story, or you can read the whole post here

Thursdays are very busy mornings from 6am-7:30am. We have aqua fitness classes, as well as a stroke clinic that helps adults with their swimming. During that time, we have 3 lap lanes normally. Well this morning aqua fitness was especially full, so we gave them another lane to accommodate, which means that one our members in one of the lap lanes had to share. And he HATES to share. Needless to say, he was very upset.


There is something else I learned from this event. It’s how powerful appreciation can be. As I mentioned on Friday, I was feeling pretty crappy that this one member was so upset. But then this one member came up to us and said how much she appreciated what we had done, and how hard we had tried to make everything work.

I realized that there is so much value in a simple “thank you”. Not anything fancy, but be specific. “Thanks for your help with ______”, not just a “thanks”.

Who has gone out of their way to help you recently? Did you say thank you to them? Even if it is a week or two later, say thank you to them. The fact that you remembered will mean the world to that person.

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