Seeing as I just bought an iPhone, this might seem to be a very hypocritical post. But I want to talk about simplicity.

People say that Jesus calls us to simplicity. Now I’m not claiming to know everything about the bible (God knows I don’t) but I have never read anywhere Jesus calling us to simplicity. Now He does call us to keep focus on the important things in life. Love God and Love others. The 2 greatest commandments. The 2 most important things in life. I do believe, however, that the only way to keep focus on the important things is to live simply.

Now, contrary to popular belief (especially here in Lancaster County), simplicity isn’t about having less tech. Simplicity is about keeping your life free from useless clutter so you can do the things that are truly important. I think that applies more to what we fill our lives doing, rather than the tools we use to do those things.

For example, if my iPhone made me spend hours doing things that were not important at the expense of the things that are important (relationships) then yes, my iPhone would be clutter and need to be cut for the sake of simplicity so I can focus on the important things.

However, if it causes me to increase my connection to people, allows me to be more involved, spend more time with people, build better relationships, then it is a tool of simplicity.

As I have been going through transitions of a new job, and cutting back on another job to make room, I have to make sure that I keep my life simple. Focus on the important things. On relationships. On people.

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