A Life of Excellence

“If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.” -T.J. Watson

That quote is one of about 5 quotes about excellence posted on the board at the Y where I lifeguard 2 mornings a week. At first, I thought they were kinda cheesy. But then I began to ask myself “why?”. Why was I finding these things cheesy, and even annoying. Then it hit me. I’ve been running from my call to live a life of excellence. Sure, I do things with excellence (sometimes). But that is so different that living a life of excellence.

So what is the difference? A life is excellence isn’t just doing what we like to do with excellence, and doing the things we don’t like half-heartedly. Instead, a life of excellence is when you do all things, whether you like them or not, to the best of your ability, that is, with excellence. It does not mean you do everything someone asks you to do. But if you tell someone you’ll do something, then do it right.

I want to start living a life of excellence. I’m going to do something brash here and ask that all of you reading this hold me to that. If you see me not living a life of excellence, call me out on it. Whose with me?

4 comments on “A Life of Excellence

  1. Excellent Joel, It reminded me that I once had started a Blog and gave it up or should I say that I allowed things to crowd it out. Stick with it and I am with you let’s move toward excellence!

  2. Love you. Though… I may just print out this blog to have a record of it forever and ever. lol. Jk. Your my favorite twin ever!!

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