Brave New World

So the title has nothing to do with today’s post. I was just listening to 30 Seconds To Mars while I was writing this, and that was a line in the song, and I decided it should be the title. Maybe I’ll find a pic that has something to do with the title, maybe tie it all together. we’ll see…

Well, I’m sitting here while Mike is painting the multipurpose room, and I have no idea what to post about. So, for today’s post, why don’t you all ask me questions and I’ll answer them in the next few blog posts… They can be questions about me, life, God, anything you want! anything from what color my underwear is to what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. No question is stupid. There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. Just kidding. But seriously. Ask me questions. Go.

3 comments on “Brave New World

  1. I just subscribed to your blog because you shared it with Ken’s business on Facebook.

    I don’t know where your posts have gone since this one cuz I just started. I see you live in gap and are a part of Gap Community Church. I’m sure you’re friends with Clint miller and about a dozen of my other friends. Did you go to Pequea? I graduated in 2001. Anyway…

    Question: What is one of the most exciting things that has happened in your spiritual formation?

    • Sweet man. I don’t make any claims to have all the answers, and to be honest, the point of my blog is one of two things, 1) as an almost online journal of the thoughts I have about things, and 2) as a way for me to get better about discipline, so I try to be consistent about when I post.

      I do know Clint Miller. He is one of my sound guys for Sunday morning.

      I didn’t go to Pequea, I went to Kennett and graduated in ’06.

      I’ll answer your question in a blog post here soon! Thanks for your input!

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