Top 10 Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves, right? well, here are my Top 10 Pet Peeves.

10. When people type “no” when they mean “know”. This isn’t one of those difficult words like Their and They’re. and it DRASTICALLY can change what you mean…

9. When your playing Black Ops, and the other people are talking to their parents with their mic open. (This is a contribution from Brandon Lantz and Kurt Strenck)

8. Males who think that Jersey Shore is a good show. Need I say more?

7. People who play music when you are already playing music. Look, I was here first, and I’m playing the appropriate, sanctioned music, and you come in with your rap or screamo… I don’t wanna hear it…

6. People who wear socks with sandals. What is the point of wearing sandals if your going to wear socks? Sandals are designed to let you feet breathe while you walk around. But you still insist on smothering the life out of your feet with socks.

5. When my workspace is TOO clean. Then I’m afraid to spread out because it makes me look like a slob.

4. Files on my computer desktop. Everything NEEDS to be in folders… the only exception is if it’s going to be on my desktop for less than 15 min.

3. Toilet Paper that comes up from the bottom, not off the top. Toilet paper has a proper way of hanging. For a list of reasons and the right way, CLICK HERE

2. Things not in alphabetical or numeric order. I’m the guy who looks at your shelf of of movies, or books, and will begin to organize them for you because there is no order to it!

1. When things (DVDs, CDs, etc) are not in a case or in the wrong case!!! I don’t want to open up Braveheart, and find 50 First Dates. NOT. COOL.


How about you? What are some of your biggest pet peeves?

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