Living A Meaningful Life

Why Write A Better Story?

This is part 3 of 3 in a series about your life.

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I’m finally going to answer the question I probably should have answered first. Why write a better story for your life? If you are unhappy with your life, you already have a reason. But what if you are content with your life? Do you still need to write a better story? That depends on 3 things. 1) Is your story the best it can be? 2) Is your story part of God’s Story? 3) Are you sharing your story with other people?

If you answered “NO” to either one of those questions, then I would challenge you to look at the story of your life, and to write a better one…

If your story is not the best it can be, then I would wonder what is your story right now? Is it sitting on the couch, watching TV, letting life go by you? Think about a movie. You don’t want to watch a movie about a guy who wakes up, goes to a job, comes home, watches TV, goes to bed, and repeats. It’s boring. It’s meaningless. Make your story better, bigger, make it count for something. And this leads me to number 2.

Does your life ever feel meaningless? Do you feel like, that while you do awesome things, and in that sense your life is amazing because you hike, or cliff jump, or do other things like that, it has no purpose? No meaning? Has it ever felt meaningful? Think back to the moments when it felt like it had meaning. I would bet those were the moments when you did something that was larger than yourself. It was those moments when you realized that your story was not about you, but rather it was a part of a larger story. Part of God’s story.

I believe that both elements are necessary to a meaningful life. If you do awesome things, that makes your life fun, but have no purpose behind it, then you won’t (or shouldn’t) be satisfied with it. If you do boring things/things you don’t enjoy, even if you do it for your church or something like that, then you aren’t really doing it for God, and your life is not the best, nor really part of God’s story. Don’t get me wrong, the fun, crazy, things like cliff jumping, or swimming in a river with your clothes on, or hiking, or biking across the country don’t HAVE to be part of something larger, they can be “practice adventures”. But we must also have adventures that are part of God’s story.

What about other people? Are you inviting them into your story? In A Million Miles In A Thousand Years, Donald Miller tells about a family who thought that New Years Day was the most boring day of the year, and so they decided to hold a parade in their neighborhood. But they realized, that nobody really likes to watch a parade, it’s actually pretty boring. But it’s a lot of fun to be IN a parade. So they made a rule that you cannot watch, you have to participate. This parade has grown to thousands (i think) now, and if Donald Miller said that if you look at the pictures, you don’t see one person sitting on the side…

How about you? do you have an exciting life? Is it part of God’s story? Are you inviting others into it? Write a better story.

Agree? Disagree? Other thoughts? Leave them below in the comments!

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