Am I Worth It?

Who am I? Am I worth it? Am I worth fighting for? I feel called to fight spiritually for others, but yet, when others offer to fight for me, I brush them off, and turn and see whom else I can fight for… And during worship in Coram Deo (our chapel service) today God really started to point out this lie that I had come to believe, the lie that I wasn’t worth fighting for, all I was good for was to be on the front line as a little peon doing what I am told, fighting for others, which is good, but not worth the fight myself… I see myself as a such a little insignificant person that is not worth the fight, so when people try to fight for me, I push them away. God is showing me that I need to let others fight for me… I just had a thought as I’m writing this, could this lie of my not being worth it, lead to a form of pride? I am not worth it, so when others come to fight for me, I turn them away because I want to die fighting for myself, with the pride of fighting for myself? I really don’t know, but it’s something to think about…

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