I wonder?

I wonder… Where did the awe go?
Where did the imagination go?
Where did the trust go?
Where did we fall away from those days when we knew that people were worth the effort?
I’m talking about the days when we were little kids, and the world was just awe inspiring…
Remember being a kid and when you would drive around all you wanted to do was look out the window at the world pass by? (or read a book and get lost in your imagination?) Remember when during recess all you needed to be entertained was a few friends and your imagination? I remember being in elementary school, and me and my friends (sometimes just one, sometimes a few) would just walk around the playground talking and using our imaginations to make up games…
Remember being a kid and when you met a new kid, you could go off and play with them, before you even knew his/her name? That used to happen to me a lot, I would be somewhere doing something, and I would end up playing a game with some kid I didn’t know, and we would play for like 30 min before we would learn each others name…
Remember when as a kid you trusted people, maybe not blindly, but more instictually? Where did we lose that trust? As a kid, when someone told you something, you usually trusted them. Why now do we question everything someone tells us?
Why is it that children can be some of the most compassionate people on earth? Shouldn’t that be a title that adults carry? Why is it that we can see someone crying, and as kids, we tended to want to reach out to them, comfort them, etc, but now as adults, we tend to shy away from that?
I wonder if that is what Jesus meant when he said we were to have faith like a child?


2 comments on “I wonder?

  1. It’s so refreshing to look back at those times in life, isn’t it? I find that right before we are about to be “Spiritually promoted” is when things like this come up. It’s a good thing to be reminded of the fact that the Lord told us to have child like faith. It’s easy to say, but, when it comes right down to it, it’s hard to accomplish (or maybe for some of us to even get.)May we find the strength to understand and practice that today.Good word Joel.Thank you!-Leah

  2. Yet in those days of being a kids, we often wanted desperately to grow up. We thought that as an adult we would have this ultimate control, power and freedom.It is easy to remember the good times, and forget the hard parts of the past. That same playground wasn’t always wonderful. On my playground there was also name calling and teasing and classmates excluding others, and being picked last for the team in gym class.It is still easy to meet someone and talk with them and not need to know their names, but we aren’t really connected. We are just in the same time and place. I can go to the gym now and talk with the person on the machine next to me, but never really know them.Perhaps we need to be more grateful for the “now”. To appreciate right where God has us.Perhaps we just need to briefly look at the past to see what we need to continue to carry into today, but not to think more highly of the past than is was.

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