The Wonder Of It All

“You are the wonder, the wonder in all”

We were listening to my prayer mix in our solitude time this morning, and the song “The Wonder” by Seven Ministries came on. The song is about how God is greater than the greatest thing we could have ever dreamed of. “The beauty of one million stars in the evening sky, You are beautiful.” When you look at everything God created, and how beautiful the world is, and then to think that God is more beautiful than it all, it just blows my mind. “The glory of the sun that shines in the morning light, You are glorious.” Think about that one. The bright sun that shines, and lights up our world, God’s glory is so much more glorious than that, and his glory outshines the sun so that the sun is dimmer than the dimmest star in the sky. “The wonder of all the wonders in the world, You’re the wonder of it all.” We talk about “the seven wonders of the world” but what about God? of all the wonders in the world, the grass, the sky, our skin (little aside here, have you ever thought about skin? it is breathable, yet keeps out the wind; moist, yet water proof; it is tough, yet flexible; heat and cold resistant; self healing. God really thought of everything when he created skin. Think about how wonderful your skin is) God is more wonderful than all of the wonders in the world, because he created them. “When I stand before You Lord, I know, It’s not about the music; it’s not about the show. I stand in awe of You, The maker of it all.” When we stand before God, we are just in awe of who he is, and we realize that all the things we try to make church and worship about are just lies, it isn’t about how well we play, or if we like the songs, or if the lights and sound are good, it is about worship. Worship is about what we give to God, not about what we receive. So often, we complain that when we go through a dry season, that we don’t receive from God in worship, but maybe he is teaching us that worship is about giving, and once we realize that, he will give back to us. God made everything that we call glorious, and so when we stand in awe of creation, we need to stand in awe of God…

4 comments on “The Wonder Of It All

  1. Where can I find this song?? I heard it in high school but can’t remember it well enough to play it. I need this song. Any help souls be great. Thanks!

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