A real post about me & by me, and not focused on a song? Amazing!

yes yes yes, I know, you guys are probably expecting a post about a song or a post about someone else, but today there isn’t any of that, but there probably won’t be some great thing that makes you go “whoa” or “wow” or any other such exclamations of amazement, because for some reason, I’m just not that amazing. lol, the only time people ever say “woah” or “wow” to me is because I’ve done something incredibly dumb and they can’t believe it.

I have been thinking a lot about motives, superficiality, and excellence. How many times have I been working on something and saying to myself “this is really dumb. This would be so much better if they did ______.” Here is a really good example recently i have run into. For those of you who don’t know, i work from 10pm – 3am at a grocery store which is like Giant, or Acme, and the really big thing there is facing. What is facing you are probably asking. Well, facing is when we pull the products forward so that it looks like a solid wall when you walk down the aisle. Well, when we face, they say that we should do it quickly, but we also need to only pull 3 rows of product forward, and if we spend time to pull more forward, we run the risk of being reprimanded for it. That started my thoughts on superficiality. We are so concerned about making the outside look good, that we don’t spend the time fixing the inner parts. Then the first 3 customers come, buy the product, and now everyone after them can see the junk and the mess behind it all. I would rather it take a little longer, get a little less done in the same amount of time and pull it all forward, so that after the first 3, we aren’t looking like crap. Apparently the store manager actually goes around first thing in the morning and walks down the aisles and takes pictures of all the facing mistakes. I was told this, and a few thoughts popped into my head at once: 1) He needs more work to do, if he has the time to do that… 2) OCD anyone? 3) Someone should go around and take pictures throughout the day so he can see how superficial the facing is, 4) I have never walked into a store and looked at a shelf and said “wow, these shelves aren’t perfectly nice looking, I guess I won’t shop here again…” 5) I have never heard of any customer complaining that we didn’t have a solid wall of product. I understand wanting it to look good, and I agree, but do we have to make it so superficial? One night a week ago or so I got so fed up with the cake mixes in my aisle that I pulled them all off and put them back up nice and neatly one shelf at a time. I got talked to for taking to long to face that night. Why do we insist on so pushing people to get stuff done that we discourage excellence? I don’t understand it. They are so worried about it, the salad dressing stays a mess. There is no organization to the salad dressings! Why aren’t they grouped by type (ranch together, Ceaser together, etc) or by maker (Ken’s together, Shurfine together, Wishbone together, etc)? Don’t even get me started on salad dressing. That is enough of that for now. I hope you all have a wonderful day, it is time for me to start my day of Master’s and then more wonderful work…

By Joel Cornett Posted in rants

One comment on “A real post about me & by me, and not focused on a song? Amazing!

  1. So have you respectfully asked WHY the facing is important?In some businesses, the managers are rated on appearances. It may affect his promotions, etc. Maybe if all the product is pulled forward, it makes it harder to inventory? Or maybe he has never thought about it.It is possible there is not a good reason for it, or the reason the system was started is no longer valid, but I would still want to understand WHY…

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